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Gears of War TPB

Writer: Joshua Ortega

Artists: Liam Sharp, Federico Dallocchio

Collecting the six issue mini “Hollow” as well as the short story “One Day”, this trade is high on sci-fi action and horror. Now I might be one of the few who have not played the game this trade is based off of, but after reading this fun action packed read I think I might have to give the game a go.

Following Marcus Fenix and Delta Squad, we find our squad of heroes in the badlands surrounding the human city of Jacinto looking for missing squads. But what they find instead is far worse and far more terrifying. From this moment on we are treated to numerous action sequences as well as nice little character beats that keep the story from being one dimensional. After all the mayhem of the first story we are treated to nice character piece about one particular “Gear” in Delta Squad. Which is a nice story to close out this wonderful trade.

And after all is said and done I have to say this was one fun trade to read and I recommend it to all comic readers everywhere, no matter if your into sci-fi, horror, action or even super-hero fare, everyone can enjoy this thrilling read.

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