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Director Adam Green is “Holy Shit!” good! Frozen is an emotional terror on celluloid! When three friends get stuck on a chairlift high up on the mountain, life becomes an unforgiving landscape of malevolent ice and snow. This is the perfect horror movie for anyone who ever went skiing!

On screen, Shawn Ashmore tries to climb out on the cable, trying to find a way off the lift. But the cable shreds through his gloves and cuts online casino his hands and he”s forced to go back. Just like Ashmore, the audience has no way to leave the horror of the situation without the razor sharp images on screen cutting into our minds. Green gives us no way out. Instead, we are forced to watch the most painful moments of suffering and it is intense. And all the while you squirm in your seat, you know that Green is out there giggling somewhere. This is the most terrifying horror movie in years!

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