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Friday the Animated Series

With a fully rounded trilogy already out, a legion of fans hoping for more material and one Don Mega ready to embrace capitalism; Ice Cube‘s company Cube Vision has released an animated version of his best franchise and it’s pretty good!

Trying to capture the magic of the first and arguably the best of the films, the series features Craig and Smokey (Ice Cube and Chris Tucker‘s characters) rather than Day-Day (Cube’s sidekick played by Mike Epps in the sequels). While neither actor returns to play themselves, the characters are in good hands with voice actor and comedian Phil Lemarr, who is suspected to have played both leads. John Witherspoon‘s character is now voiced by John DiMaggio ( Bender from Futurama) and other voice casting includes Cree Summer. The series takes place after Next Friday but before Friday After Next or one assumes since Craig converses with Pinky in some episodes but is never in the same scene as Money Mike who also makes an appearance or two.

The brilliance of the show is in the design of all the characters. Their transfer into animation is letter perfect. So too is the setting of the show, focusing around the environments of the first movie. The actors are also on point, evoking the spirit of all of our favorite characters. From Deebo to Uncle Elroy, everyone has a take on that person that might not be exactly what you remember, but still holds true enough that there can be few complaints.

If we were to complain it would be at the paltry number of episodes available or the lack of special features on the disc. These are quibbling complaints of course, but fans of the series will be disappointed that there isn’t more. They’ll most likely gloss over that when they see the Joker brothers in the background of a shot, the beginning of Brothers Barbecue or their parody of Diddy in one episode.

The show isn’t Family Guy funny, but it’s nowhere near as bad as the Spaceballs Animated Series and it’s quite watchable. A must for any fan of the Friday movies.

Below is a clip from the series that has Diddy in it. Or you can check out the fake trailer we posted a couple days ago here

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