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Flash #3

With Geoff Johns behind the wheel, there”s almost no doubt that we”re safe. Even better than safe, with everything that he”s done for Superman, Green Lantern, Teen Titans, JSA, Booster Gold and his previous run on Flash during the Wally West days, what could possibly go wrong?

Well, being honest it should be said that Flash Rebirth was less than exemplary. I mean, let”s be fair, with everything else on his plate, one title was bound to fall through the cracks and Rebirth was that one confusing, less than stellar book that fell.

Here”s the good news; the new Flash ongoing series is mighty wicked! Rebirth was online casinos only a reintroduction for readers to the character of Barry Allen and a weak explanation of his return. A much needed though introduction though, seeing as most fans of the scarlet speedster are fans of Wally West and the change over was a little tough to swallow at first. Lucky for us, Barry”s new set up back with the police department as a forensic scientist fits like a glove! Even three issues in, the series reads as though it”s been non-stop monthly for ten years.

Some of this must be attributed to Francis Manapul whose style of art is such a departure from Skott Kolins and other artists who contributed to Johns” previous run. This difference helps to give the new “old” Flash his own distinct identity. This is a Flash for the year 2010 and everything about it so far is so promising!

We”re still in the middle of this thing, but so far, a group of cops, themed like the rogues, calling themselves the “Renegades” have come from the future to arrest Barry Allen for a murder he has yet to commit. Captain Boomerang is back again to wreak havok in the Flash”s life and by the time we”re through this first arc of this Minority Report-esque story, we”re sure to have some kind of idea where this “Flashpoint” 2011 event is going. At least I hope so!

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