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First Wave #1

DC Comics has really been trying to get people on board with First Wave. It”s appeared as a three to five page preview in several books for the last few months, and I for one got hooked into it. But coming out of the first issue, I”m left feeling a little bamboozled.

This first issue, like so many other first issues before it, starts off slow. I mean real slow. In fact, I couldn”t even tell you what was going on from this entire first issue, other than there”s some stuff going on in the jungle (although we don”t know what jungle, other than it”s somewhere in South America), Doc Savage has a dead father and is a recluse, and that The Spirit died and came back to life (oh, and he”s a little nuttier for it).

It seems like there”s some sort of conspiracy brewing, but rather than give you something to chew on, all we”re left with is a few cryptic clues and mysteries (the biggest being, where the heck is Batman? I best online casino mean seriously, he”s on the cover!) and nods to the heroes of the era. Oh, and that reminds me; nothing, and mean not a thing, makes it clear as to exactly what era this story takes place in. It”s not the 30″s or 40″s because there”s no Nazis (yet…), and it”s earlier than the 60″s based on the way the cops are dressed, so I guess that puts us in the 50″s, but honestly, who knows? And they even had two chances to make it abundantly clear, with both Doc Savage Sr.”s headstone (it could”ve at least had the year engraved on it) and Jay Denton”s newspaper article (which could have had the whole blaster date included!).

But maybe I”m wrong. Maybe these things are intentional. At least that”s what I was telling myself about halfway through this issue. But upon further research, it turns out I should have known. Had I bothered to check it out, I would”ve realized that Azzarello was the author of Superman: For Tomorrow, one of the worst stories ever written for the character (or so I”ve heard, as I”ve been warned by a myriad of people to avoid it at all cost). And to make things worse, Rags Morales, though not a bad artist by any stretch, is simply lacklustre.

I jumped into this story expecting another New Frontier, but what I ended up with is just another shelf warmer I should have thought twice about. That being said, the surprise appearance of The Blackhawks at the end of the issue has me at least a little curious to check out the next issue…

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