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Fire From Below

This is a newly released Kevin Sorbo movie about a geological nightmare hitting small town America and is not to be confused with the Steven Seagal movie; Fire Down Below.

Kevin Sorbo movies don’t really need reviews. Fans of Sorbo know what to expect and they’ll grab the movies regardless of quality. People who don’t know Sorbo might want to avoid his glorious crown of made for TV magnificence. You usually have a good idea of what kind of movie you’ll be watching when Sorbo’s flowing locks grace the poster art.

Fire From Below isn’t great, but it does bare all the hallmarks of the drive-in B-movie 1950’s monster/disaster genre. Part “Dante’s Peak“, part “It Came From The Bottom Of The Sea” and part “Journey To The Centre Of The Earth“, this is a geologic, tectonic thriller with an almost sinister and malevolent intelligence guiding this seismic terror as it effectively “attacks” a small town. Half of Kevin Sorbo’s team gets trapped in a series of underground caverns the likes of which we’ve never seen before, with glowing algae on the walls to light their multicolored journey back to the surface.

Of course computer generated effects don’t hold the same allure that stop motion does and likely never will, but maybe one day these cheap and effective cg effects will be thought of fondly and as a stylistic choice. Like the rear projection used in Pulp Fiction lovingly as a nod to those old movies who couldn’t afford better quality, these bargain basement effects may one day bring a smile to cine enthusiast’s lips, but that isn’t today.

There are no special features on the DVD which is always confusing. Every Kevin Sorbo fan will automatically buy any DVD that Sorbo made a commentary for! Lou Diamond Phillips, Dolph Lungren, Jean Claude Van Damme, Christian Slater; these are all people we want to hear speak and rarely do they make appearances. Is it really too much money to pay to load up your DVD with more reasons to buy it? After all, these movies get made for DVD release! Special Features should be your bread and butter. That’s how Bruce Campbell and Will Wheaton keep their peeps happy! Just a digressionary thought.

Completely fun and gloriously terrible at the same cliched time, Kevin Sorbo’s new masterpiece is for those who know what they’re doing!

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