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Family Guy: Something, etc… Darkside

The second Family Guy Star Wars parody is to Blue Harvest what Empire was to A New Hope… from a certain point of view. While Empire Strikes Back soared high above everyone’s expectations for the Star Wars sequel, so too does Something, Something, Something Darkside in terms of visual effects. Every ship and set are all top notch and slick in the same way that Empire towered over Star Wars with shiny effects and luster. (even Vader’s helmet was shinier in the movie!) Unfortunately, this is where the similarity ends. Empire’s parody just simply isn’t as funny as Blue Harvest was. It has it’s moments and is still fun to watch, but maybe the novelty has already worn itself thin or the writers found it more difficult to poke fun at this movie. Instead of laughing through out the movie, you find yourself watching an almost shot by shot recreation of Empire in the animated style of Family Guy. Save for a few really great jokes, you’re better off watching the real Empire. Hopefully the upcoming third movie will pack a little more punch.

The special features include a commentary with Seth McFarlane, Seth Green and other creators that is probably more entertaining than the actual movie. At one point McFarlane finds out that Cookie Monster has been changed by left wing extremists so that he now eats vegetables and calls out Sesame Street execs saying that it’s, “Retarded.” Everyone on the commentary is as entertaining as you’d expect them to be given the other commentaries they’ve done in the past. There are some animatic clips as well as a lengthy table read that sits the camera in the far corner of a room filled by about a hundred people as they read through the entire script. You’d think that this would be a really great feature and show the actors as they perfect their craft and provide an interesting insight for the viewers and fans, unfortunately most of the recognizable cast is at the far end and is mostly obscured by others. This is a nice feature but pretty much pointless and unwatchable.

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