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Ex Machina Vol.8: Dirty Tricks TPB

While Brian K. Vaughn might be the flavor of last year in the comic world, he has added very little to his resume for 2009 outside of writing for TV’s Lost. His last title; Logan was fairly unimpressive, he’s long since stopped writing Runaways and has already finished his magnum opus, Y the last Man. The latter title having a questionable and not entirely exemplary finale. His only current book, Ex Machina has been floundering for the past number of trades, not quite giving it’s audience what they’re looking for. That being the continuation of Hundred’s story involving his superpowers and how he got them, what they are, if there’s a larger story at play here or any number of questions ignored by Vaughn. He has characters like Kremlin (a old ally, now possible nemesis) hovering on the perifery of the story with out letting them BE the story! Instead, the book seems to be about a Mayor in the office of New York thinking about possibly running for President and while Vaughn can make that intriguing and entertaining with his clever writing, it just doesn’t quite give me what I’m looking for. I confess that this may not be the book I want it to be and as such, this review such be evaluated with that in mind. I can definitely say that this is a great book, but I can’t say that it’s looking like my kind of book anymore.

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