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DVD Vault: Wrong Turn 3: Left For Dead


The entire franchise of the Wrong Turn movies is based on the classic Deliverance; wander off into the woods and you might be raped by some inbred yokels. Of course there are other movies the franchise owes a debt to. Texas Chainsaw Massacre and the Hills Have Eyes are two other movies that also occupy this subgenre of horror.

This third flick is more of a hybrid of action and horror than the series has seen so far. This time it’s a group of inmates escaped from their prison transfer who are on the run from the hillbillies. The idea is better than the execution which is not uncommon with these small budget movies. Although the digital gore scenes are almost always disappointing in the face of the practical effects, it’s the performances that could use the most work. Much of the movie is a combination of every prisoner- on-the-run film you’ve ever seen. Of course a third Wrong Turn movie isn’t going to be a top notch vehicle so there is really only so much criticism you can throw at it. If you rented a DTV horror flick sequel, you should know what you’re getting into.

So in the positive column we can put the opening scene that combines a wicked set of tits and hard core gore for a great intro. And when I say combine, I mean an arrow comes through a hot girls back and out of her breast while a guy is fondling it, so of course it too is impaled just as he says the line, “I could hold (your tits) forever.” Classic! An interesting addition to the series, Wrong Turn 3 is only worth renting if you know what you’re getting into… And you might love it, but that’s doubtful.

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