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DVD Vault: The Skeptic

Brian Beckett (Tim Daly) is a seemingly unemotional man.  A sarcastic and arrogant man by nature, he also happens to a lawyer.  In the process of divorcing his wife, Beckett decides to move into his recently deceased aunt’s house which he just inherited.  Believing that his saintly aunt had been hiding a secret within that house, ghostly apparitions and night terrors soon occur that challenges Beckett’s skeptic nature.

This actually is a pretty decent movie in a ‘good old fashioned filmmaking’ kind of way. Although the film’s obvious small budget gives it a ‘made for TV’ look, it manages to overcome that with good filming techniques (not a trace of CGI) and competent acting. And that includes Tom Arnold! Zoe Saldana (hot off the heels of Star Trek) rounds out the cast in a small but memorable role. It’s refreshing to see a scary movie that stars older, seasoned actors rather than young, hot actors. And yes, that still means Tom Arnold! This is exactly the kind of movie I am destined to hate, but was pleasantly surprised at how stupid this film was NOT.  I just don’t know about that ending…

*Tom Arnold NEEDS True Lies 2 to happen. Now!

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