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DVD Vault: Nightmare


Within the first ten minutes a trap is set to hook viewers. Two film school students meet at a party, fuck and wake up the next day in a room they don’t remember entering. At the foot of the bed is a video camera pointed at them. Although neither one claims to have recorded them, they decide to watch the tape of last nights events. Instead of a sex tape, the video contains footage of the two of them brutally slaughtering three people. As if this weren’t enough to pull in the audience, the aspiring young director pitches this very idea to his class the same day and casts his new girlfriend as herself in the movie. Now he recreates each event as it unfolds, not knowing how his new disturbing film will end while trying to find out how the story ends in real life for himself.

The director clearly tells you what kind of movie you’re watching by, in essence, making a film about the making of his film and extrapolating it from that reality. The obvious influences of David Lynch are actually mentioned during the movie giving it’s sense of self awareness even more credibility.

Concept aside, the performances are the other half of the strength of the piece. Twenty years ago, James Woods would have been the charmingly detestable lead. Today it’s Jason Scott Campbell who fills that gap for the new generation. All of the actors and actresses in the movie give interesting and dynamic performances allowing the movie to operate without being hindered by the one performance that could effectively break the illusion and take the viewer out of the film.

Many times, reviewing films you find yourself sifting through pig shit and hoping to find a treasure. This is the gem, the movie whose discovery is worth the other ten crappy ones. As a critic, let me filter them for you and bring you only the best recommendations; Nightmare.

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  • Reply Aaron

    I may like really good horror films I still want to sleep at night

    October 8, 2009 at 3:16 pm
  • Reply Ben Sisko

    sounds frak’n cool

    October 9, 2009 at 12:54 am
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