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DVD Vault: I Sell The Dead


With it’s cast, with it’s name, with every fiber of it’s production “I Sell the Dead” seems destined  to be a cool flick. It isn’t until you sit down and watch the thing that it unravels on you. It’s nice to see the little Hobbit Dominic Monaghan in something other than Lost, but even sitting him next to fan favorite Ron Perlman isn’t going to retcon this flick into a better mousetrap. Unfortunately, despite it’s many cool story elements of ghouls and gravediggers and zombies and the entire movie being a period piece at the turn of the century, the filmmakers never seem to pull it all together into one cohesive storyline. Instead it feels like an unsuccessful anthology film where the separate stories aren’t actually separate. The low budget is another factor in the review of this movie, and either you’ll love the new green screened revolution that seems to be developing it’s own cheap, pulp style in genre films or you’ll be dissapointed by it’s lack of scope. Actually, in concepts and ideas, the movie is starting to win me over… Zombies and graverobbing, ghouls and beheading, bizarre almost anthology-style storytelling repleat with oodles of flashbacks and stylized cheapo greenscreen! Maybe I should give it another go…

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