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DVD Vault: Happy Birthday To Me

A little more complex than your average slasher, Happy Birthday To Me boasts an impressive budget and an intriguing plot that doesn”t fail to stay interesting. Although it still hits so many of the hallmarks of the American slasher films of the 80″s, the psychological edge that runs through the story is constantly unfolding and keeping audiences guessing.

Wrapped in a simple story; the new girl at school, who is part of a group of popular kids that start to disappear, starts to wonder whether she has some connection to it all; flashes of her past start to haunt her as her friends drop like flies around her.

Thanks to our good friends at Anchor Bay, we can all cross another classic slasher off our lists. Although devoid of special features, the bare bones package should be enough to satisfy horror hounds given that this movie had yet to even be released on DVD.

J. Lee Thompson“s direction is dynamic and visually stimulating but Birthday”s problems are more in its lack of impact. The movie is a pot boiler and masterfully suspenseful but when put up next to other classic slashers of its time like the Prowler, My Bloody Valentine or even the uber classic Friday the 13th.

Part of what made so many of the golden age slashers the classics that they are and what made the genre so dgfev online casino popular and enduring is the craftsmanship of the kills. Men like Tom Savini made terrific strides in prosthetic makeup that could add that grand illusion of realism to the gore. Before CGI this was the only special effect you could count on and in many ways CGI is still trying to catch up to that visceral experience. While Happy Birthday To Me has its moments in the macabre massacres of its characters, they are few and far between. It”s only near the end when you get a veritable smorgasbord of bloody bodies to giggle at.

More than your usual slasher flicks, this movie appears to also have a little more money in the budget, there are two car stunts that you wouldn”t expect to see that seemed to stand out and the scope of the movie seems a little broader. The main theme is a really creepy piece of music that should be regarded as a classic if it isn”t already and it splits the air as it trills its melody.

This is an easy recommendation to anybody who has Halloween and Friday the 13th in their collection and wants more of that classic 80″s horror fun.

On shelves October 13th.

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