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DVD Vault: G.I. Joe Resolute


This is exactly what G.I. Joe fans were waiting for. This is G.I. Joe for grown-ups. With respect to Stephen Sommers and his worthy live action blockbuster, G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra didn’t quite bring the same “fan satisfaction” that G.I. Joe: Resolute brought. While Rise of Cobra was a good enough translation of the 80’s cartoon classic and its militaristic but cartoony sensibilities, it would only make sense to make and market the film to its original audience, kids. But what about the actual kids who grew up in the 80’s and are now in their thirties? Well, Hasbro was kind enough to reward their loyal fans with Resolute. The creators of this new animated saga of The Real American Heroes decided that what the franchise needed was a writer devoid of any nostalgic baggage. So they approached English comic scribe Warren Ellis, who had never seen a G.I. Joe cartoon or read any of the comics. Ellis holds no punches. The plot is grounded in science as much as it is fiction. Major characters die. More is at stake than just a bunch of kidnapped scientists.  And Cobra Commander is finally menacing.

Cobra saboteur Firefly launches a rocket into the U.N. building which projects a hologram of Cobra Commander. This isn’t the first time the world has met Cobra Commander. He has suffered defeat by G.I. Joe in the past. He states that if the world’s leaders do not relinquish control to Cobra within 24 hours, then major cities will be destroyed. This time it’s not about money. It’s about power. And to prove that he’s serious this time, he kills over 10 million people with a new weapon at his disposal. Meanwhile Snake Eyes must travel to Japan to settle an old feud with his ninja brother Storm Shadow, which just might be a distraction to keep Snake Eyes away from the Joes during this major world crisis. Duke, Scarlett, Roadblock, Tunnel-Rat, Wild Bill, Gung-Ho, and Flint are among the Joes fighting for freedom wherever there’s trouble. But can G.I. Joe be there against the likes of Destro, Baroness, and Zartan?

G.I. Joe: Resolute was originally presented as a series of ten 5 minute episodes, with the finale being 10 minutes long. Resolute is collected together as one hour long movie for the DVD. The animation is crisp, adapting an ‘Americanized’ anime look to it, which noticeably stands out during the ninja fight scenes. Again, fans of the original G.I. Joe (well maybe not the 60’s era, kung-fu grip having fans…but then again…) should be pleased with this new entry in the G.I. Joe franchise. Here’s hoping for more.

Now you know.


  • Now you know: Teaser Promo

This was the preview clip that was shown at the JoeCon convention in 2008 to give fans an idea of what Resolute was going to look like. It features Duke and Roadblock coming under heavy fire from Cobra forces, only to be saved by Snake Eyes. None of this footage is in the final film.

  • Interview with the filmmakers

Three Hasbro guys shoot the shit about G.I. Joe. No Warren Ellis.

  • Storyboards
  • Joe Files
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    I quite enjoyed this, but this is one for the older boys

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