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Does Marvel Hate Beast?

I mean, he keeps popping up in different series, used again and again, but not since Grant Morrison‘s highly controversial run on New X-Men has Beast been given a decent costume. In New X-Men, Frank Quitely stripped down the entire X-clan to leather jackets; a stylish, realistic, practical and cool design. Since then, Beast has worn his ridiculous John Cassady/Joss Whedon diaper in Astonishing X-Men which noone but the superstar team thought was any good. Of course Beast wasn’t the only character whose costume was raped in that series. Cyclops also was put back into his eighties condom head like so many clown shoes. Then again, the less said about that abortion of a series the better according to this writer!

This month Ed Brubaker puts the Avengers in space and artists Mike Deodato and Will Conrad have put Hank McCoy into a silly spacesuit with a big letter “A” on the front! I mean, noone else has a silly A-suit! Not even Steve Rogers Captain America! No, Steve has a star on his chest which makes sense and Moon Knight has a moon and that makes sense but why a big “A” for Beast with some trendy, tight bondage costume? Ya got me!

There are some strange inconsistancies throughout the issue that go unexplained or maybe have an explanation I’m not aware of, like they all wear suits on Mars to breathe, except Valkyrie and Beast wears the breathing mask but then leaves his arms exposed? Anyone got any thoughts on this? Other than these quibbling minor picadillos, the issue was pretty good.

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