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Doctor Who: the Complete Specials

After the fourth season of new “Who”, you might be holding your breath for that one last¬† DavidTenant adventure before he passes the baton on to the next doctor. Well he can do better than just one adventure; this box set contains five almost-movie specials and it’s a pretty spectacular way to go out. In the last two; The End of Time Parts One and Two, the doctor faces a threat that seems to have been brewing since Eccelston first showed us what new Who can do. In fact, almost every lovable Who universe character shows up for the big send off. From spin off characters like Sarah Jane and Captain Jack Harkness from Torchwood, to series regulars like Mickey and Rose’s mom Jackie, including all of the current companions like Martha Jones and Rose Tyler. Oh yeah, did I happen to mention that the Master turns every human planet into an exact clone of himself, effectively destroying the entire human race? No biggie.

So we know it ends strong. How about the middle and the beginning? “The Next Doctor” is a comedy styled caper that has a massively epic ending. Anytime the Cybermen come into the picture, something cool is bound to happen, but when the Doctor mounts his new TARDIS (a large red hot air balloon) high above the streets of London and facing off against a Megazord-sized Cyber-mech, you’re at some kind of zenith.

In the second special, entitled “Planet of the Dead“, we get to see the Doctor flirting with Michelle Ryan; possible new companion. They trip through a wormhole onto some desert planet that presents all kinds of new and exciting threats. Hot girl, exotic locale, sinister villains; that’s a win.

The middle adventure is the weakest of everything in this set which really is saying something about how good the other specials are. When the Doctor encounters a fixed point in time, a point in history that weighs heavily in the balance of major change. In this situation, a group of brave astronauts are about to die as heroes and the Doctor can’t interfere. This has a fair amount of whining in it which can get annoying, but overall is a strong pivotal moment for the Doctor’s character. That goes a long way.

Who fans will buy this anyway, but regardless of dangerous “Who” addiction, the set is a worthy purchase. Commentaries and behind the scenes on all episodes.

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