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Doctor Who: Remembrance of the Daleks

As a first voyage with a new Doctor (that being Sylvester McCoy in the late eighties,) we at least get to start with some familiar friends; the Daleks. Although McCoy does play an interesting undertone of darkness and manipulation beneath his bubbly and whimsical exterior, he still can”t compete with some of the other Doctors of the past. His companion, “Ace” is an interesting choice as well, but without her introduction and by dumping viewers into the middle of their exploits, she is difficult to connect to. Of course, if we hadn”t started with this particular Connaissant les joueurs de poker , certains d'entre eux, legitemement, ne manqueront pas une occasion de rappeler sur n'importe quel forum, a l'occasion de n'importe quelle operation de communication que Fulltilt Poker les a laisse tomber sans autre forme de proces. adventure, we wouldn”t have the always-entertaining Dalek menace to enjoy, -a smart choice for BBC. Remembrance of the Daleks is a pretty impacting story once it finishes and hints at larger ramifications for the Doctor Who universe.

As per usual, the DVD set has been lovingly attended by the BBC with hours of special features like commentary, deleted scenes, multi-angle sequences, outtakes and three in depth featurettes, one on the episodes, one remembering back to those days with the cast and crew and a 45 minute documentary on the second disc that chronicles the life of Davros: creator of the Daleks, A&E Biography style.

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