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Deep Space Nine #4

So, this fun to read mini-series comes to an end in this final issue from IDW.

Writers Scott and David Tipton along with artist Fabio Mantovani weave a great series finale that involves lies and deceit, plus we get Garak thrown in for good measure.

The station is rife with all sorts of scoundrels looking for the treasure. With no idea how to curb this, Sisko enlists the help of Garak. With some simple planning and a little white lie, soon the “treasure” is found…or is it? And things begin to get back to normal on the station.

I really enjoyed this series and how it really felt as though I was just watching another episode on TV. I highly recommend it to all Trek fans everywhere. Especially to those (like myself) who feel that Deep Space Nine was the best Trek series. I can’t wait to boldly go where we all have been before, watching another episode of the classic nineties show; Deep Space Nine.

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