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Deadpool: Suicide Kings TPB

So I’m going to start out by saying… Go Buy This Book. That’s the best endorsement I can give this wickedly fun read. Deadpool is back and he’s pulling no punches.

The first story “Suicide Kings,” written by Mike Benson and Adam Glass with fantastic art by Carlo Barberi, follows the “merc with the mouth” as he gets tangled up in a rich kid’s scheme to clear his debts with an old Spider-Man villain; Tombstone, framing Deadpool for an explosion and mayhem all across the city. The heat really gets turned up as The Punisher, Spider-Man and Daredevil all join up with Deadpool (after some minor fights between them of course) to prove his innocence. By far, the most fun in this story is Deadpool’s psychosis which has him talking to his “other” self as well as his hallucinations, which are for the most part down right hilarious. Just a great, fun read and if this was all this book had, that would be great but Marvel, for some extra fun, throws in one more story which is just as awesome, maybe even better.

Entitled Games of Death, this story is also written Mike Benson with art by Shawn Crystal and is something like the Deadpool version of Bruce Lee’s Enter The Dragon with the added fun of it being a reality TV show. The real awesomeness of this trade are the “other” contestants who are all hilarious mockeries of famous action heroes with the Steven Seagal like character being so funny to look at you cant help but laugh out loud. This was a fun little story to read and is a great addition to this trade.

So as I said before go out and by this book. You wont be disappointed. Here’s to more future fun with Deadpool. And I for one can’t wait.

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