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Dark Wolverine Vol.1 TPB

Well being a huge Wolverine fan, (and really, who isn’t?) I was more than happy to read and review a trade that features Canada’s number one super hero. Unfortunately, Wolverine is not the prominent figure in this trade; rather his son Daken is, but don’t let that deter you, for this is a good read.

The first story “The Prince” (written by Daniel Way and Marjorie Liu with complementing art by Guiseppe Camuncoli) collects issues 75-77 and follows the exploits of Wolverine’s son Daken. Through out this story we get to see a little more inside of Daken’s mind as he sets up his fellow Dark Avengers, Fantastic 4 and even a few H.A.M.M.E.R. lackeys to lay down his future plans. And though those plans don’t come to fruition in this trade, the writing team doesn’t cut the story off at the legs leaving us with a cliffhanger. Instead it feels (as it should) like a complete story that leaves the reader wanting more. Great job all around.

Before the second story we get a nice recap through Wolverine’s own words on the past history between him and his son. This is an issue’s worth of prose supplemented by images from random past issues. This is followed by a nice piece where Marvel breaks down the reading chronology of Daken’s origins. A special no prize to Marvel for this little extra…kudos.

The second story (also written by Daniel Way with not the greatest art by Tommy Lee Edwards) is a two part story called “One Percenter”. Collecting issues 73-74, this story follows Wolverine as he runs into an old biker friend named “Horror Show”, who’s having problems with his son. As I said before the art is not that good and because of this the ending is a little confusing because the artist doesn’t do a good job differentiating “Horror Show” and his arch nemesis “Ram”. It took me way to long to figure out what the artist was trying to convey at the end.

All and all this a fine trade with a real strong opening that kind of falls flat near the end. If you’re a fan of Wolverine or trying to keep up with all the Dark Avengers stuff this is defiantly the book for you.

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