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Dark Avengers Vol.2: Molecule Man HC

In the midst of Siege and all of the Dark Reign stuff that’s come out, this second story arc for Dark Avengers is likely to get lost in the shuffle. Bendis does what Bendis does and the book is an easy read, fun and has some very cool moments in it, but part of the problem is: who the hell is Molecule Man?

Now, I know that I’m from a younger school of comics and that I didn’t read nearly as many comics in the eighties as some of the older fans, but I have a fairly solid grasp of Marvel‘s cadre of characters and I’ve never even heard of this guy! That doesn’t mean that he isn’t an interesting character, but I don’t think that this was the way to introduce him, nor the time. This isn’t a story that seems to blend into Dark Reign or Siege and not even Norman Osborne knows who this second rate Fantastic Four villain is! Sure Bendis is the master of bringing back seemingly irrelevant characters, B-listers, C-listers even and instantly make them fan favorites, but this didn’t feel like the time. Molecule Man seems to have too much back story and felt too powerful to just throw away on such a small story. Knowing Bendis, this is just a teaser for some bigger story coming up, but can’t we just focus on the two giant Marvel events currently going?

As the book starts out, we’re dealing with characters and events that tie into current story lines. There are funny moments dealing with Venom’s prescription medications and there’s a very cool section that deals with Ares son and Nick Fury that is possibly the best moment in the book. Everything to do with Molecule Man just seems out of place. The hard cover also has some nice sketches in the back for alternate costumes designed, but never used, for the Dark Avengers.

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