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Command Performance

Checking in with Dolph Lundgren after his triumphant return to the Universal Soldier franchise, it’s sad and not entirely surprising that his new movie is a fun and silly cookie cutter b-movie. There are only a few things this flick has going for it and the plot is one of the best. Dolph Lundgren plays a drummer in a metal band who is playing an arena when terrorists bust in to grab the Russian president. Who else is going to save the day, fight the terrorists single handed and rock hard in leather pants? Dolph Lundgren, sir, and no one else.

Surprisingly, Dolph looks credible in the role and looks natural behind a drum set. Of course when I say “credible”, I mean in the sense that he could be that heavy metal drummer, not so much in the sense that he could also, in addition to being a drummer for a rock band, also be a one man demolition unit. And Dolph would be credible in that role as well. I just don’t think you can put the two together, you know what I’m saying? Then again, that is also the point of watching the movie. So you can see where we are. Then again, Dolph wrote and directed this movie so it stands to reason that he really likes playing the drums.

Listening to Dolph say, “Dude” is just plain bizarre to the ear, but not nearly as clunky and tacky as when a reporter states in the first two minutes that tonight will be a “command performance”! I mean, is that actually a thing? Is it real musical terminology? Tonight Metallica will be playing a command performance? Is it supposed to be the presidential jargon for a presidential musical show? The kind of crap movies are constantly trying to mine. We’ve got ourselves a broken arrow gentlemen!

Gun play and general action is digestible and even pretty gorey as at one time he stabs somebody through the chest with a guitar neck, killing them with Rock and Roll! The dramatic performances are pretty much what you expect and the movie is pretty fast paced with a reasonably high fun factor. DVD package is lacking in special features though. A commentary track with Dolph talking about his love of drumming would have really hit the spot.

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