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Ultimate Wolverine Vs. Hulk TPB


Reviewed by: Kevin Rowland
So last night I curled up on the couch and cracked open a book I never thought I would read.  Not because I had no interest mind you,  but because  I never thought this book would get finished! The first  two issues came out in 2006, but then… nothing. It would take a full three years before  the series would finally wrap up. An now, finally, the trade paperback is here.

Written by Lost’s Damon Lindelof, I admit my expectations were high, and when your expectations are high they”re also hard to meet. Well this book was a big disappointment for me and never really came close to my expectations.

Lindelof  resorts to using  flash-forwards and flashbacks to tell a small story from everyone’s perspective with a constant overlap of story elements.  Though it’s a six issue mini-series, the story could have been told in half as many issues. Taking place nbso before Ultimates 2 #11 The title characters square off after Wolverine is hired by Nick Fury to kill the Hulk. With a bevy of characters that include Betty Ross,  Dr. Jenifer Walters, Forge, and the introduction of  a new major Ultimate character, the story (despite its flaws) does have  a few high points, but by far the best thing is the artwork. Leinil Francis Yu, fresh off his success on Secret Invasion, is at his best here. From rendering a perfect Wolverine, to his bad-ass  Hulk, to his sultry women throughout the series; his pencils capture every talking head to fight scene with perfection. And his work is really the saving grace of the whole production. Now I wish I could recommend this book, but in the end, unless you’re a die hard Lost fan, or you have to read everything Ultimate,
just pass on this one, and let”s hope next time out Lindelof can give us a more fulfilling story and deliver it on time.

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