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Comic Review: Stumptown #1


Greg Rucka kicks off another crime comic with all the atmosphere of an untold Raymond Chandler story. Of course it”s a contemporary piece and of course Rucka has given us another strong female lead like Carrie Stetko from Whiteout, Tara from Queen & Country or Renee Montoya from GCPD, 52 or as the new Question. Rucka writes the best ass kicking women of any medium and now he”s teamed up with an artist who truly understands how to make a city a vital character in the story. Matthew Southworth has not only made the world believable and stained it in bleak shadows but he”s also worn play casino online the buildings and tread the pavement until it served Rucka”s words. He adds a nice afterword about his process at the end of the issue that will hopefully be collected in the trade.

The hook for the story will get you and pull you in; we”ll just have to hope that the rest of the series plays out as strong. It could go either way, but a betting man knows a good thing when he sees it and anything with Brubaker”s name on it is almost a sure thing.

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