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Incognito TPB


The tried and true combination of Sean Philips and Ed Brubaker was already a success story after their work on Sleeper and Criminal. Their new book at Icon had promised to be just as good, but despite the best intentions sometimes things don’t work out as planned. Indeed Incognito isn’t just as good, it’s better! The cross-genre of espionage and superhero discovered by the duo in Sleeper was an critical success, but this new book has the potential to go further than that. This is only the first volume with a promise from Brubaker in the back that more is on the way, but this is a great set up and origin for a new pulp hero. There are so many different sub-genres that Brubaker dips into, it’s a testament to his abilities that we have such a cohesive product. With elements from the noir genre, heist/blackmail movies, the classic witness relocation/snitch stories and of course the superhero spine that runs through the body of the book, Incognito is pure in it’s heart the way the first Hellboy story was. There is only love for all of the toys in his sandbox, so hopefully he’ll make good on his promise to give us more to read in the near future, afterall, the Criminal writer should know what a crime is.

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