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Daredevil: Return of the King TPB


This run of DD’s comics is certainly epic and all-containing any of the angst, tragedy and sense of noir that Frank Miller instilled into the book in the eighties. But after over a dozen collected trades have come and gone, the book will inevitably become stale, right? How many times can you use the same themes? Well if you’re Ed Brubaker you can still take around the block a few more times before anyone gets tired. Daredevil has always been a noir character in heart and now he has the ultimate noir writer to pen his tales. It’s a match made on the mean streets. Matt is at it again; alienating his friends and his obsessive nature is driving him down yet another dark road. The new leader of the ninja cult, the Hand is out for Murdock’s blood, even if they have to go through Matt’s family to do so. Of course what will Lady Bullseye do when Matt trumps her full house of ninjas? Aside from a well rounded cast of characters like Kingpin and the Owl, this book has to have one of the best endings of a DD book in years, proving that readers of Daredevil should be the fans without fear as long as Brubaker is leading us!

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