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Cold Space #1

Cold Space‘s first issue gets our hero looking suspiciously like one of it’s writers; Samuel L. Jackson out of a space battle an onto a little backwater world where to gangs are warring. Which side will he choose?

Oh, I get it! Samuel L. Jackson wants to star in a remake of Kurosawa‘s Yojimbo, only this time it will be in space. As the series progresses, Jackson will play off one side against the other as he kills both gangs, right? Of course this isn’t the first time a remake of Yojimbo has been made, there’s Sergio Leone‘s A Fistful of Dollars that made it into a western and then Walter Hill‘s nineties version that placed it during the prohibition in the forties. Why not let Sam do one?

So he knows that all comic property is hot right now, Kick Ass having just been released makes it the perfect time to take his story boards (I mean comic book) over to the studio and see if they’re biting. The only problem is it’s not very well written. Of course it might make for a fun popcorn flick, I say go for it and get a better writer to do a touch up.

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