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This is a very cool movie! Neil Marshall is back to fine form after his Hollywood action extravaganza that met with mixed reviews. Back on the horse, Centurion echoes many of the hallmarks of a Neil Marshall film that we’ve all come to love. His use of darkness and fresh casting as well as the copious amounts of extreme violence are all accounted for in Centurion.

You could look at it like it’s a prequel to Gladiator or like a dark, live action Asterix book told from the perspective of the Romans as the protagonists… With copious amounts of violence. Either way, this is a fantastic blend of horror and action and darkness that pits the Roman ninth legion against the ancient Britains; a fierce enemy that picks off our heroes one at a time.

Most of the faces in the movie are fairly unknown but so effective and capable that while you aren’t distracted by Hollywood personalities, you’re still drawn in by the strength of the characters on their own merits. It was a particularly pleasant surprise to see Noel Clarke who had previously played Rose Tyler’s boyfriend Mickey on Doctor Who as a completely different character and well done. Michael Fassbender (Inglorious Bastards, Eden Lake) carries the lead as the unkillable Quinton Daius and Olga Kurylenko‘s (Hitman, Max Payne) mute assassin/tracker has an unfolding quality as the movie plays out. Her character grows visually adding another element to her wardrobe or makeup as the scenes go on.

Somewhere in the vein of the 13th Warrior, Gladiator and King Arthur, Centurion’s stylized visuals and inventive violence is the icing on an otherwise compelling and ever entertaining film. Congratulations Neil Marshall!

Below is a selection of posters for the film:

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