Lost S6 Ep.5 Lighthouse

Welcome back fellow Losties. Sorry for the late review I kinda got caught up in the hole Russia vs. Canada Hockey game the other night. But Now I’m back so lets get to it shall we. Jack has a what? So this week were treated to a Jack-centric episode which opens in SLU (safe landing…

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The Mandalorian Debate

Let me set the stage for you. 30 years ago this summer, the second film in the Star Wars Trilogy, The Empire Strikes Back, was released. Arguably one of the most anticipated movies of all time, Empire had everything you remembered from Star Wars; the characters, the vehicles, lightsabers, and the Force! But there were…

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Lost: S:6 Ep:3 The Substitute

Hello once again fellow Lost addicts. Phew, what a good week to be a Lost fan. With a Locke-centric episode, we’re treated to not one but two (and a half, but I’ll get to that later) answers. Even if they’re minor ones, at least there answers. So we open in Safe Landing Universe (SLU) with…

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Lost: Episode 1, Season 6. "LA X"

“LAX”  Review So my fellow Lost addicts, our show is back and is wasting no time in answering (or partially answering) questions. I’m going to break my review into two sections, instead of hopping back an forth, so lets waste no more time and get down to it. Section1: Different Reality/Parallel Universe. A bright white…

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Halloween II

Everyone hates Halloween 2. EVERYONE hates Halloween 2… but me. At least that”s how it seems when I talk to people about it. The sad thing is that most people didn”t like it because it simply wasn”t what they were expecting. How sad it is that bold and exciting directions in a sequel are punished…

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