Lost: S.6 Ep.8 Ab Aeterno

 So let me start with a mini review of last weeks episode “Recon.” It sucked…by far the worst episode of the year. With only a couple of things worth mentioning, namely how boring/stupid Sawyers flash side ways was. And though it was nice to see Charlotte again, were the hell is Juliet? Though special shout…

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Lost S6 Ep.6 Dr Linus

Napoleon Dynamite Welcome all to another week of lost goodness. This episode starts of fast and furious with Ben first catching up with the remainder of the group on the island. Then flashing sideways to catch up with are favourite teacher talking to his class about another short power hungry leader in Napoleon. The similarities…

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Lost S.6 Ep.5 Sundown

Well it’s been another week of Lost and the fists were truly flying this week. Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting So this week’s episode starts off with the best fight so far in Lost history (narrowly beating out Sayid and Keamy’s little bout in season 4). And though Dogen wins in the end, he cant…

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