Guttural Frequency 015: Musical Conspiracies

Can sound frequencies affect our well being? Can it cause people to do unspeakable things? Music is a powerful tool, have some people used that tool for evil?  Let’s find out.   Interlude: Love Rollercoaster by The Ohio Players.

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Frnkiero andthe Cellabration! Tomorrow at Unity Tattoo

Hey Friends! Just a quick reminder that tomorrow at 2:30 we will be helping Frnkero Cellabrate with us at Unity Tattoo down on Commercial Drive for a special performance and signing.  Join Denise and Tony and Frank as they talk about horror movies, comics and of course music.  Get down early, this event is blowing…

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Shop Talk 005

Ever break a toy? Like a newly purchased collectible figure? Did your heart break? Just a little? We spend some time talking about just that this week and what you can do, if anything to fix it. Then we’re off talking about movie trailers and how much is too much to give away about a…

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Any Empire HC

Both nostalgic and haunting, Nate Powell’s slice of American life shows us the fragility of youth and the pain of losing our innocence. Despite it’s thickness, the pages can be turned with lightning speed due to the sparse dialogue -some of which are literally and intentionally unintelligible scribbles, (the way you only half hear things…


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