003 Drag Me To Hell Review

After the questionable monument that was Spiderman 3and rumors that he”ll be heading up Spiderman 4, we all have to wonder whether director Sam Raimi has lost it completely. Are the days of Evil Dead and A Simple Plan gone to the history books? His new flick, “Drag Me To Hell” has all the promise…

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002 Terminator Salvation Review

Let’s start mud slinging! While this may be a thoughtful and no doubt insightful overview of the Terminator movie, it also goes off the rails in various places to sling a little poopie towards various parties, both affiliated with the film and and completely disconnected. Of course our random tracks of verbal diarrhea is why…

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001 The Wrestler Review

Here it is at long last, the very first episode of Fancore Pirate Radio! For our innaugural send off, we’re waxing on about Mickey Rourke‘s “The Wrestler“, a fantastic movie that hit DVD recently. There’s a bunch of analyzing and discussion between the crew here on what the movie was saying… so this is a…

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