Theatrical: The Road

Well, they did it! Someone finally made the perfect adaptation of the hit comic series, “the Walking Dead“. The only problem was they forgot the zombies! The dark and desolate tones are a perfect match, right down to the hopeless predicaments and corrosive morale. Of course, it isn’t actually an adaptation of the comic at…

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Trolling For Trailers: Book of Eli

A bad-ass Denzel Washington is a special thing. Now, I’m not talking about Training Day. That was a comic book villain and it was fun but silly. I’m talking Man on Fire Denzel. There is no room for feelings and smiles, this is all about getting shit done, no questions and no cute winks to…

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Trolling for Trailers: Reboot REBOOT!

No…that’s not a typo! At the risk of sounding redundant, it’s true! Reboot is getting a reboot! Fans of the popular Canadian Computer Animated series will know that the show follows Guardian Bob and his cohorts, as they fight the User in Games to protect their home, Mainframe! Well, it looks like Rainmaker, who now…

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Trolling For Trailers: Double Feature

We’ve actually been avoiding any coverage of this movie even though everyone at Fancore is pretty freaking stoked about its release. Why? Well that will explain our second trailer. Director of Boondock Saints and now the sequel, Troy Duffy is a complete douche bag! I don’t care how he would like to spin it, but…

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Trolling For Trailers: TURBO

Short films are something that most people overlook these days. Unless you’re going out of your way, you’re unlikely to discover most of these hidden gems. Thankfully, I caught wind of this great short film, TURBO. Described by the film’s director, Jarret Lee Conway, as a “short film in the tradition of the Karate Kid…

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Trolling For Trailers: The Trailer Mash

Every once in a while, you find yourself clicking around the net looking for something new. And every once in a while you find something cool. The Trailer Mash is a site where people edit trailers for already existing movies often changing the genre and feel of the movie. Some of them are fresh and…

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018 VIFF: ZMD Review

In ZMD, no topic is safe. From stereotypes to racism, religion to politics the new Shaun of the Dead is ZMD. Now it isn’t British, but it does have as much in common with its mix of comedy and horror with Edgar Wright‘s film more so than any other zombie picture. That of course is…

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Trolling For Trailers: Black Dynamite

Black Dynamite is almost here baby! And you know you gotta get down to a theater on October 16th to see it with your own eyes! With all the flavor of Grindhouse, only looking even more authentic, Black Dynamite rolls with the greats of the seventies Blaxploitation cinema! It’s got you thinking about Shaft, it…

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Trolling for Trailers: RoboGeisha

Everyone must watch this sweet trailer for one of the most sex-nuts and retard strong movies we’re ever likely to see! From the same crews as Machine Girl and Tokyo Gore Police comes more insanity than you could shake a stick at! In the first two movies you get to see hardcore violence in its…

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