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036 Bey Logan Interview

It had been two years since I had a chance to talk with Bey Logan, (not since the last site I was running), and so much had changed for both of us! I tried to catch up on everything Bey was doing, but there were a lot of topics! We discuss his leaving Dragon Dynasty…

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GUILT FREE PLEASURES-Part 4: American Ninja

A ninja (or shinobi) is a covert agent or mercenary of feudal Japan specializing in unorthodox arts of war. The functions of the ninja include espionage, sabotage, infiltration, and of course assassination. With the recent premiere of Ninja Assassin one thing is certain; ninjas are coming back in a major way.  If you grew up…

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DVD Vault: Battle of the Warriors

Originally titled “Battle of Wits”, this Dragon Dynasty release has been renamed and is just a good flick, plain and simple. It may not be as flashy as Hero or get as much attention as Crouching Tiger, but Battle has a clear story, characters and touches on some philosophy as well. This takes place in…

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028 K-20 Review

The real brilliance of K20 isn’t found in it’s special effects or acting or cinematography or score, all of which are worth any accolades given. No, the real genius behind this film is simply the setting and premise. Sure you need to pull off these ideas with success, but the When Heikichi Endo is set…

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DVD Vault: Blood: the Last Vampire

For Blood: the Last Vampire, it’s all about hits and misses. The concept of a 1950’s martial arts, half vampire that hunts demons for the government; cool. CG monsters; bad. Fight scenes; cool. Narrative storyline; iffy. Cinematography; cool. Characters; lame and the performances are worse. Production value is certainly there on screen and the movie…

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023 Ninja Assassin Review

The end all, be all of Ninja movies or the next dud thrown into the waste paper basket along side Speed Racer and the “Benifer” flicks? Ninja Assassin has so much potential it isn’t even funny! You’ve got the director of V for Vendetta with a budget allowed by the Wachowski Brothers and you’re going…

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DVD Vault: Undisputed II

Undisputed II: Last Man Standing Viewed as a direct sequel to Walter Hill‘s prison/boxing movie, Undisputed II is something of a disappointment. But as a vehicle for Michael Jai White as an action star, the movie is pretty good. We’ll have to put aside the fact that “Last Man Standing” is another of Walter Hill‘s…

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021 Red Cliff 2 Review

Months ago, Sean Yang and I sat down to discuss the second part of John Woo“s Three kingdoms epic. Now on the eve of the release of the North American edit into theatres, it seems like the right time to unleash this review.We hold nothing back in our criticism or our praise, so you”ll get,…

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006 Ong Bak 2 Review

Following our review of Chocolate and the female Tony Jaa that leads the film, it seemed only good timing to take a look at what the original Thai sensation has been up to. His new movie, a sequel to his first North American success has some intriguing issues attached to it. While elbows and knees…

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005 Chocolate Review

Hot on the heels of Thai sensation Tony Jaa, JeeJa Yanin stomps her way to the forefront of action cinema using only her elbows and knees! Using Jaa as inspiration in the film and his crew of movie makers in real life, Yanin defies all expectation and soars above and beyond what any spectator could…

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