DVD Vault: Nightmare

Within the first ten minutes a trap is set to hook viewers. Two film school students meet at a party, fuck and wake up the next day in a room they don’t remember entering. At the foot of the bed is a video camera pointed at them. Although neither one claims to have recorded them,…

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DVD Vault: Staunton Hill

Daddy George A. Romero’s quotation on the back of son Cameron Romero’s Staunton Hill DVD says, “This is as scary as it gets.” A few minutes into the movie (after a confusing, banal credit sequence), Rovin turned to me and said, I think that quote was out of context. What daddy Romero meant to say…

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018 VIFF: ZMD Review

In ZMD, no topic is safe. From stereotypes to racism, religion to politics the new Shaun of the Dead is ZMD. Now it isn’t British, but it does have as much in common with its mix of comedy and horror with Edgar Wright‘s film more so than any other zombie picture. That of course is…

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Deadly Cines: Zombieland

I entered Zombieland 10 minutes into the movie after waiting for about a half hour in what I now think could possibly have been the wrong “special screening” lineup. Apart from that rough start, I can’t find a thing to complain about. Well, this isn’t really a complaint, but the film was so much fun,…

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017 Dead Snow Review

When Nazi Zombies meet a bunch of Norwegians in an icy and secluded cabin, there is much hilarity and the spilling of oh so many guts, sir! With the flavor of Evil Dead and the buckets of blood thrown on screen, Dead Snow is just a fun freaking movie. So check it out as soon…

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015 Sorority Row Interviews

We got-em all! Although Sorority Row premiered a week ago, we went the distance to get you interview clips from the stars and the director of the film. That’s right, not one single interview, but clips from multiple interviews! Who’s got yer back, right? Briana Evigan talks about her next movie Mother’s Day, Leah Pipes…

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014 Fangcore The Vam-pirate Radio

Lions and Tigers and Vampires, oh my! This week we try to pin down some classic vampire movies, from some well known to hopefully some unknown, fun and cool flicks. Mike and Rovin join me, each picking three personal choices to share with you. We also talk about the newest kid on the block; Let…

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The Final Word On: Sorority Row

The newest horror slasher on the block is a remake of “House on Sorority Row“, now shortened like “Fast and Furious” or “Black X-Mas“. Of course there should only be griping from the most hardcore and old school horror buffs for this film, because the original isn’t currently in print on DVD and ebay copies…

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012 Eli Roth Interview

Eli Roth; the man behind Cabin Fever and the Hostel films is tied to a chair and grilled like a character in one of his movies! Jordan sat down with the star of Inglourious Basterds to talk about his work. The conversation quickly turns from the Basterds and working with Quentin into the bizarre world…

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