Guttural Frequency 009: Human Combustion and Pyrokinesis

Some people go to bed, everything’s fine, everything’s good, they wake up the next morning and you’re on fire. To some people this is a reality!as well as those who can create fire with just their thoughts.  Also we touch on illegal black market human organ or whatever. So join us as we welcome back…

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How to Make a No-Budget Zombie Short. Part 1 of 4

I was checking out the website for the RIO THEATRE, wanting to see if I missed the Adam West/Michael Keaton Batman double bill (I did). I then came across this: “The RIO THEATRE presents the 2ND Annual DEAD ON FILM Zombie Short Film & Video Competition!!! We’re looking for YOUR 5 minute Zombie Short Film or Video!!!…

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Black Swan

Since it’s premiere in September at the Venice Film Festival, Darren Aronofsky‘s Black Swan has been generating a kind of familiar buzz reminiscent of his previous effort, The Wrestler with Mickey Rourke. Touted as being companion films to each other, both movies feature protagonists as athletes/artists trying to achieve perfection at the expense of their own health, both physical and…

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The Rig

How can a movie that takes place on an oil rig, in the middle of the ocean be so dry? Nothing but soap opera cardboard for over half an hour and when the “action” starts, it fails to create any more interest for viewers. Instead it just gives the actors more corny lines that they…

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Troll 2

It takes about four minutes for Troll 2 to drain all hope from a living body. I know. I was there. Yet rather than tear apart the amazingly poor performances and other shameful qualities (of which it has many), let’s applaud it for what it may be; one of the worst films ever made! It…

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