Guttural Frequency 019: Cannibal! The Podcast

Sometimes people eat each other, sometimes people force other people to eat each other. ¬†Either cause they’re really hungry, or just pants hungry. But yeah this episode is about eating people, and only that. We might have also touched on a certain art website. Is your Hunger for the unknown enough for you to sink…

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Force of Execution

One of the more entertaining of Steven Seagal’s DTV era productions due to it’s varied range of genre and cast. Rather than the usual Seagal fare of CIA guy who is the shadowing one man army against his foes with bored an monotone deliveries of uninspired dialogue, this flick has the chop sockey Aikido master…

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The Town

Ben Affleck is such a fan of Michael Mann’s Heat that he took it upon himself to remake the entire movie! There’s nothing terribly original about the movie other than it’s set in Boston which is Affleck’s home town and an unsettling similarity to the Departed which only came out a few years ago. The…


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