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DVD Vault: Wrong Turn 3: Left For Dead

The entire franchise of the Wrong Turn movies is based on the classic Deliverance; wander off into the woods and you might be raped by some inbred yokels. Of course there are other movies the franchise owes a debt to. Texas Chainsaw Massacre and the Hills Have Eyes are two other movies that also occupy…

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DVD Vault: Undisputed II

Undisputed II: Last Man Standing Viewed as a direct sequel to Walter Hill‘s prison/boxing movie, Undisputed II is something of a disappointment. But as a vehicle for Michael Jai White as an action star, the movie is pretty good. We’ll have to put aside the fact that “Last Man Standing” is another of Walter Hill‘s…

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DVD Vault: Superman/Batman:Public Enemies

Public Enemies the comic, was a six issue story arc that kicked off the Superman/Batman series in 2003 and has since been collected in trade paperback. Written by Jeph Loeb and illustrated in musclebound cartoony glory by Ed McGuinness, this epic featured the World’s Finest pitted against U.S. President Lex Luthor and an enormous roster of DC…

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DVD Vault: Dark Country

With the flavor of an old episode of the Twilight Zone, actor Thomas Jane turns his hand to directing this creepy pot boiler. Also starring in the movie, Jane makes his way across America with his new wife (Lauren German) who he’s only just met. Using a recipe for a tasty genre picture that might…

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DVD Vault: Happy Birthday To Me

A little more complex than your average slasher, Happy Birthday To Me boasts an impressive budget and an intriguing plot that doesn”t fail to stay interesting. Although it still hits so many of the hallmarks of the American slasher films of the 80″s, the psychological edge that runs through the story is constantly unfolding and…

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DVD Vault: Nightmare

Within the first ten minutes a trap is set to hook viewers. Two film school students meet at a party, fuck and wake up the next day in a room they don’t remember entering. At the foot of the bed is a video camera pointed at them. Although neither one claims to have recorded them,…

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DVD Vault: Staunton Hill

Daddy George A. Romero’s quotation on the back of son Cameron Romero’s Staunton Hill DVD says, “This is as scary as it gets.” A few minutes into the movie (after a confusing, banal credit sequence), Rovin turned to me and said, I think that quote was out of context. What daddy Romero meant to say…

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DVD Vault: Trick R Treat

I wanted to start my Halloween festivities on the right foot. Just after midnight as October officially starts; I put the disc for Trick R Treat in the machine. There will be many more horror movies viewed over the course of the month; old favorites brought out of mothballs, new DVDs that need to be…

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