5 Ronin: Hulk

Sadly, the second issue of 5 Ronin isn’t any better than the first and the entire project is struggling to justify why anyone might care, but not providing a single reason. The Ronin Hulk only “hulks out” once on one page in this issue. It’s completely underwhelming and leads us to wonder; why choose Marvel…

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Age of X: Alpha One Shot

You’re probably thinking, another variant of the future mutant apocalypse? And it is a fair question, since from the Sentinels to the Purifiers, Scarlet Witch to Hope, Exiles to Cable, X fans have read about so many possible futures, it is fucking ridiculous. However, that does not mean we’re not down to give another one…

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Batwoman #0

Probably the best part about the latest Batwoman is that Bruce doesn’t know who she is. And that is what this primer before her new series is all about. Batman has narrowed down who could be behind the mask and he’s following her exploits in Gotham to be sure. He obviously wants her to have…

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Heroes For Hire #1

It always seems so odd to me that Marvel and DC do such similar storylines but nobody seems to say boo about it. I, of course, mention that because the relaunch of Heroes For Hire, the classic title that started with Luke Cage (aka Power Man) and Iron Fist fighting crime for pay, is a…

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