Rovin’s Driveway To The Danger Zone

09 Jul. 2011

How to Make a No-Budget Zombie Short. Part 1 of 4

I was checking out the website for the RIO THEATRE, wanting to see if I missed the Adam West/Michael Keaton Batman double bill (I did). I then came across this: “The RIO THEATRE presents the 2ND Annual DEAD ON FILM Zombie Short Film & Video Competition!!! We’re looking for YOUR 5 minute Zombie Short Film or Video!!! […]

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19 Dec. 2010

Black Swan

Since it’s premiere in September at the Venice Film Festival, Darren Aronofsky‘s Black Swan has been generating a kind of familiar buzz reminiscent of his previous effort, The Wrestler with Mickey Rourke. Touted as being companion films to each other, both movies feature protagonists as athletes/artists trying to achieve perfection at the expense of their own health, both physical and […]

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06 Nov. 2009

On The Driveway: The Box

With The Box, Richard Kelly, director of the questionably celebrated cult classic Donnie Darko, offers us an adaptation of a 1980’s Twilight Zone episode, originally adapted from the short story Button, Button, written by Richard Matheson. A period film taking place in Virginia 1976, Norma (Cameron Diaz) and Arthur (James Marsden) are a seemingly happy […]

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20 Oct. 2009

On The Driveway: Paranormal Activity

Paramount Pictures and director Oren Peli bring us one of the scariest movies…er, films ever in Paranormal Activity. An incredibly frightening experience one should make every effort to watch while it’s still playing in the theatres. It truly will keep you on the edge of your seat. You will have trouble sleeping. You will believe the hype. […]

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29 Sep. 2009


KUFFS (1992) Dir. Bruce A. Evans 1992 seemed like a really good year for Christian Slater, who was just entering the peak of his career after starring roles in Heathers, Pump Up the Volume, Young Guns II, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, and Mobsters. KUFFS wasn’t just a movie starring Christian Slater. It was a […]

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