The Final Word On: Star Trek Voyager

A while ago now, I was at a social function and met a rather unlikeable little man who decided to barge into my conversation and spout off about some topic or another. Not wanting to be rude to the unwanted intruder I engaged him in some light conversation, but quickly realized that the conversation could…

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Highlight of the Week: 02

Alright, last time I did one of these highlights of the week, we took a look at a hot chick holding a giant gun. (By the way, we’ll not be accepting any comments of a Freudian nature from the smart asses in the audience tonight!) This week is another well endowed girl, this time from…

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Highlight of a Random Week: 01

Just released is a beautiful candy-resin statue of Seras from the animated series Hellsing. I’m not a fan of the series by any stretch, (not because I don’t like, but simply because I haven’t seen it) but I can still appreciate a piece of art. This is a stunning sculpt in 1/7th scale and standing…

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