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The Final Word On: the Anticipating Super-Fan

As many of you may already know, it’s been announced that veteran film maker David Cronenberg is slated to direct the next Ghost Rider movie. Nick Cage will be returning and they’re supposedly using the unused script David Goyer wrote for the first movie. Obviously, they can’t do worse than Mark Steven Johnson‘s offering, but…

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The Final Word On: Crappy Trailers

The following trailer for the Stepfather remake is a perfect example of how not to cut a preview if you had any intention of getting viewers into theatres to watch your movie. A movie trailer should be just enough of the film’s flavor to wet your appetite to see it. You should not be giving…

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The Final Word On: Rambo Vs. Predator

With new sequels in the works for both franchise, one wonders what they’ll end up becoming. With series like Lethal Weapon the films steadily degraded into weak mush, fun for the whole family. Both Indiana Jones and Die Hard took pretty hard falls I’m their last incarnations, seemingly losing sight of the flavor that made…

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The Final Word On: Sorority Row

The newest horror slasher on the block is a remake of “House on Sorority Row“, now shortened like “Fast and Furious” or “Black X-Mas“. Of course there should only be griping from the most hardcore and old school horror buffs for this film, because the original isn’t currently in print on DVD and ebay copies…

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The Final Word On: Ponyo

Sitting in the theatre as the previews flashed across the screen, I realised I had no idea what I was about to watch. I knew that Ponyo was the newest Miyazaki film and that in itself meant that I was in for something special. I’ve seen most of his previous movies and have a real…

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The Final Word On: District 9

It Freakin” Rocks! This is it for sci-fi movies for a while, man. Michael Bay are you listening? This is how you do Transformers! I loved Iron man, but even the Iron-team should take some notes before finishing their sequel. That is just how great this movie is. Now, I”m not normally a fan of…

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Knowing Is Half the Battle

Right before the new summer blockbuster drops, there have been some seriously disgusting events that have transpired near enough to my person, that I feel it necessary to start this new feature. This will be the first of many missives that I type out onto the site, all of which will be available under the…

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