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The Final Word On: Star Trek Voyager

A while ago now, I was at a social function and met a rather unlikeable little man who decided to barge into my conversation and spout off about some topic or another. Not wanting to be rude to the unwanted intruder I engaged him in some light conversation, but quickly realized that the conversation could…

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Highlight of the Week: 02

Alright, last time I did one of these highlights of the week, we took a look at a hot chick holding a giant gun. (By the way, we’ll not be accepting any comments of a Freudian nature from the smart asses in the audience tonight!) This week is another well endowed girl, this time from…

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Highlight of a Random Week: 01

Just released is a beautiful candy-resin statue of Seras from the animated series Hellsing. I’m not a fan of the series by any stretch, (not because I don’t like, but simply because I haven’t seen it) but I can still appreciate a piece of art. This is a stunning sculpt in 1/7th scale and standing…

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The Final Word On: Paul Dini's Batman

As one of the key writers, if not the main guy on Batman: the Animated Series, Paul Dini will always hold a revered place in the hearts of all Batman fans. With the TV show having been over for over a decade, Dini has been giving Bat-fans their fix in the pages of Detective Comics….

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The Final Word On: The Josh Olson Interview

Beneath is an article that was written for reasons that will become clear once you’ve read it. As it turns out, we got another chance to interview Josh and so you should for that coming up soon. Until then, read on and get a sneak preview of sorts: Sometimes every little nuance of your day…

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