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Casting DIY: Julia Benson As Wonder Woman

There’s so much fan debate on who would make the best Wonder Woman for the movie that seems to be in film purgatory. While DC has done wonders with Batman and the Watchmen, they don’t have the best track record with their Warner Brothers movies either. I’m not interested in seeing a Wonder Woman movie if it’s just going to end up being the next Catwoman, Superman Returns, Batman and Robin or Steel.

Joss Whedon‘s been off the script writing for a while now and it’s anybody’s guess as to when this movie will get made. Everybody has an opinion on who should be in the golden bustier and Julia Benson is mine!

If you’ve been watching Stargate SGU, you might have already seen her Lt. Vanessa James character or in an episode of Masters of Horror: Right To Die. While she is embarrassingly beautiful and buxom in a very Lynda Carter kind of way, she also knows how to hold a gun and look like she’d kick your ass if you disrespected her.

Below are some photos of her from Stargate and some mock ups of her as the Amazon Princess. Enjoy!

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