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Captain America: Two Americas HC

Out of all the Cap books that Ed Brubaker has penned, this feels like the least consequential and more so like a bunch of filler.

The first issue in the collection is just the special, “Who Will Wield the Shield?” which is an important moment after Steve Rogers’ return where he has to decide whether or not he’ll return to being the Star Spangle Avenger and what Bucky will do. This is the very last chapter to deal with Brubaker’s overall arc.

The rest of the book is a “new Cap” adventure with the Falcon as they take down a right wing terrorist cell in America’s own backyard led by the crazy 1950’s Cap that Brubaker had previously brought back a couple books ago. The problem is almost negligible, but it really doesn’t carry the weight of the rest of the series. Cap is back, Bucky is the new Cap, everyone is cool for now and this is a story about a catastrophe that never happens because our heroes stop it in time! Cute story, not bad but not so epic, grand or compelling. Sorry Ed, but I know you can do so much better! Why do I now feel like the Grinch that stole Cap?

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