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Brightest Day 100-Page Spectacular

DC have been putting out a lot of these 100-Page Spectaculars lately and I, for one, am loving them. They reprint a handful of stories by different writers and artists to give readers a taste of certain characters or arcs. This issue is of course Brightest Day themed and therefore is all about the undead, almost dead, and those walking into the light. Deadman was in the spotlight by the end of Blackest Night and he continues to shine in Brightest Day (no pun intended), so it”s no surprise he takes center stage here, appearing in four of the six stories. But I have to say it”s the other two tales with Hawkman and casino online Hawkgirl that appealed to me most. Ed Brubaker can refresh any character or title, and once he”s done with it, it might not be worth reading once again. Case in point, Iron Fist. He is a master at noir, martial arts, secret agents, and really just story-telling in general. The way he takes on the Hawks” reincarnations is original and well constructed. The only part of this comic I was a little disappointed with was the Neil Gaiman Deadman tale. The art was lackluster and the story boring and basic. Otherwise, I highly suggests this for readers fiending for more Brightest Day

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