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Brave and the Bold #32

It’s not too common for me to review a single issue unless it’s at the beginning of a new series or if I’m following the series on a monthly basis. So for me to jump back into the Brave and the Bold on issue thirty-two would seem a little odd. Why thirty-two? Why this issue?

While the number is completely insignificant, and the encounter with the comic completely random, there were three things that tipped me off that this might be a good book; two words and one initial; J. Michael Straczynski. The Babylon 5 creator has done good stuff and bad stuff in the world of comics, but having his name on the cover of a comic that starred the peculiar team up of Aquaman and the Demon was just too cool to pass up! I flipped through the book quickly to see if it was a stand alone story. It was! A rarity in comics these days, these twenty two pages contained the beginning, middle and end of a story.

Better than that, as I read it, I was thrilled to an adventure where our two heroes save the Earth from demons trying to invade our world from the bottom of the ocean with an army of the dead souls of anyone who has ever died at sea. This was brilliant! This was something out of the pages of Hellboy, but in a DC book!

Between the completely diabolical writing of Straczynski and the pitch perfect line work of Jesus Raiz, Brave and the Bold could climb out of it’s little hiding hole, used mainly as a liner for kitty litter, and show us what the title is supposed to be about; big, fun adventures. I hope you find this book on the comic racks before they sell out, it’s very cool.

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