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Book Of Eli

As movie opens, the audience is treated to characters that look as though they stepped right out of the Road Warrior or strangely enough, Highlander 2. There’s a demonstration of action and violence that seems to be borrowed in no small part from Oldboy, but these comparisons are meant to be more complimentary than criticizing. Book of Eli is a post apocalyptic flick featuring Denzel as the Mel Gibson hero role, the carrier of a precious book that some feel will heal the world and others think is the ultimate weapon. Of course most of the world can’t read anyway, your Joe average thug being played by Eminem‘s inept sidekick Cheddar Bob. Mila Kunis is beautiful as always and the rest of the cast is filled out by wickedly strong actors Malcolm McDowell, Gary Oldman, Tom Waits and even Ray Stevenson comes with his A game.

As a Hughes Brothers film, this reaches the highest upper echelon that they’ve ever aspired to. Crippling From Hell by comparison and giving you serious reconsideration as to whether or not Menace remains their best movie, Book of Eli rolls on a full tank. Delivering the action you want, the visually stimulating, harsh desaturated contrast and philosophical ideas in one easy to swallow package, Book of Eli is simply a fantastic ride.

Denzel’s mythic hero will go in the books as one of the greats and if he didn’t deserve the Oscar for Training Day, rest assured he earned it here. Both subtle and in command, he is growing into his age comfortably where others would fight against it.

This movie is the answer for anyone who wanted more fun from the Road and an ounce more intelligence than Terminator Salvation, (which incidentally would be an ounce). Just a good fucking movie.

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    January 22, 2010 at 3:21 pm
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