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Blood + Water TPB

Judd Winick‘s Vertigo title reads like the HBO series True Blood which I recently reviewed on the site. Tomm Coker‘s art is both stylized with both rough textures and detail. Easy to read, the book also has some similar flavors shared by Preacher and Fight Club.

When their friend finds out that his crippled body is going to finally give out on him, two vampires decide to end his suffering by turning him. Little do they know that while his troubles seem to be at an end, their trouble is just beginning. They’ve unknowingly unleashed a terrible ancient evil upon the world.

Much of the book is mostly focused on Adam’s (our hero) turning and how his life has improved, the mechanics of vampirism in this world and actually seems to want to live in this newly created Winick/Coker world more than it wants to have a plot. The ancient evil feels tacked on so that there is a point to the fun antics our characters get up to, but seeing as how this is a miniseries and not an ongoing monthly, we can look the other way.

Blood + Water is good fun, but unlikely to become a classic. This will be the treasure for fans of Winick to find old printings of, in years to come.

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