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Black Dynamite

Alongside copies of Planet Terror and Death Proof in your DVD collection, you can make a special place for Black Dynamite! A parody of the blaxploitation films of the sixties and seventies, Black Dynamite comes fully loaded with silly jokes, great bad dialogue, great great dialogue, a cool cast of hip cats, a righteous score and bad action (when the word bad meant good)!

Michael Jai White has been on the movie scene for years now, patiently waiting for the flick that will catapult him to the super stardom he was made for. I guess he’s tired of waiting and is starting to carve away his own spot in the limelight. With movies like Black Dynamite and Blood and Bone he’s literally making his own action.

The cast is replete with a gallery if talent that includes all the familiar faces; Arsenio Hall, Bokeem Woodbine, Tommy Davidson, Mike Starr, Nicole Sullivan and Tucker Smallwood. This is a character actor heavy piece.

If you are a fan of the Mack, Foxy Brown, Coffy, Truck Turner, Black Belt Jones, Slaughter, That Man Bolt or any serious blaxploitation, then missing out on this movie just makes you a jive ass sucker! Unlike Austin Powers‘ parody of the sixties spy films like James Bond, Black Dynamite goes the extra length to incorporate the film grain into their aesthetic, they purposefully let the boom mike drop into shot without acknowledging it, and perfectly capture the experience of seventies exploitation cinema.

The DVD comes with a feature commentary with Jai White, director Scott Sanders, a couple featurettes that take us through the making of the movie as well as it’s journey to Comicon and some deleted and extended scenes. Truthfully, Michael Jai White wins with this movie and although the special features are the cherry on the cake, this movie would be worth buying even if it had a bare bones package.

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